Beer And Milk The Old-New 'Miracle Foods'

Red wine is alleged to fight heart disease.  So naturally a Swiss science team found unknown quantities of beer and milk are even better.

A miracle molecule called 'nicotinamide riboside'  found in both beer and milk appears to fight weight gain, diabetes and improve muscular performance.

Researchers think an increase in the molecule aids mitochondrial function. Mitochondria is an elongated organelle in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells, containing enzymes responsible for converting food to usable energy.

The catch? The frisky molecule is too elusive to measure.  The  'dose' one needs to make a difference can't be quantified.

So unless you become a beerbo or milk-a-holic you may not benefit.

Not to worry.  Red wine, coffee and chocolate are still championed.  Loading up on those sins seems to suffice. We are still waiting for science to explain the beer belly by the way.

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