Advanced Bionic Arm Crushes A Beer Can

British prosthetics company RSLSteeper says they make the world's most advanced bionic hand. And to prove it, they fitted Nigel Ackland who lost everything from the elbow down in an industrial smelting machine with one of their mechanical arms.

Nigel has given the device a run for it's money. At one point he managed to have the fingers torn off when his dog yanked the leash out of his bionic hand chasing a cat.

So the company refitted the hand part with titanium and stainless steel phalanges. Even Arnold didn't get stainless fingers.

Nigel continues to stretch the limits of the hand. He says he can tie his shoes, play cards, and most importantly grab and guzzle his Guinness without help for the first time in years.

Oh yea, this thing runs off implants in his brain so Nigel is restricted from watching Porn on the net. 'When you first lose a limb it can take a massive blow to your confidence,' Nigel laments. But since he got the arm-bot people are fascinated and so he has become a celebrity of sorts.

Nigel once played the piano and saxophone, but the arm falls short of getting him back in those saddles. So when Nigel starts to get a little bellicose not being able to belt out a sax blow of blue suede shoes he picks up a Guinness and starts to grin again.