Booie Dead: Chain Smoking Chimp Succumbs

Booie, 44,  was a star Chimpanzee at the Wildlife WayStation in Sylmar, CA.  The simian had been a chain smoker for years. 

Booie had only recently put the coffin sticks down swapping lung cancer for candy.

Getting cigarettes was easy, but to get the candy Booie had to learn American sign language.

Martine Colette, founder of the Wildlife Waystation said Booie's passing will hurt the facilities ability to stay in business. Tourists flocked to see him panhandling the staff signing 'Booie see sweet in pocket.'

Booie's goofy human-like behavior was fascinating, but his antics were anecdotal.  Many species use gestures and  body language to get what they want.  So lets not try to imbue him with a key to the missing link, okay folks?