Drunk Passes-Out On Baggage X-Ray Machine

Airports have become X-Ray factories.  From check-in, to in-flight, to baggage belt you are exposing yourself to substantial and unhealthy levels of ionizing radiation. 

But if you really want to get fried, arrive drunk and pass-out on a baggage belt.  That's what an idiot from Norway did in Rome.

Luggage has no soft tissue, so the baggage X-Ray is set to pierce the most extreme materials - even metal.

The unnamed Nordic showed up at an unmanned check-in with a backpack and a can of beer in his hand. Lacking sober judgement he jumped over the counter and laid down on the baggage belt.  The bags and this guy passed entirely under the powerful X-Ray before he was spotted by shocked technician.

Force was needed to wake the future cancer patient. 

Last month, staff in the United Arab Emirates spotted a five-month-old hidden in a chunk of  luggage on a bag scanner. The parents didn't have a visa for the infant.  The kid's body outline was spotted in the X-Ray and removed before a fatal dose was administered.  See why people can't be trusted with household appliances now?

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