Pregnancy Flattens Feet Permanently

The boobs are not the only thing that burgeons during pregnancy.  So do the hooves

Research at the University of Iowa found pregnancy permanently changes the size and shape of baby mommies feet.

The culprit is weight. A 100-pound female can put on a smart car in added weight during the ordeal. And that crushes the insole of her tootsies flattening and widening them for life.

Many moms go on to develop painful arthritis too.  Just part of the sacrifice she makes to sustain the species. As it turns out the weight and chemistry contribute to musculoskeletal disorders in the spine, hips, and feet.

So next Mother's Day go out of your way, sons and daughters to laud the woman that not only carried your sorry ass for 9-months inside her body, but likely suffers from a lifetime of ill-effects she never complains about to boot.

And oh yea, maybe kick in a couple of bucks on her Imelda Marcos shoe-swap yard sale - every pair has to go.