Masked Burglar (Son) Shot By Neighbor (Dad)

A black mask wearing 15-year-old Connecticut teen was burglarizing a home yesterday when he was confronted and shot by a neighbor.

Alexis Scocozz arrived home near midnight when she spotted a masked intruder breaking into her house and became appropriately frightened.  So she called her brother and a neighbor to help.

The elder Giuliano told the cops he rushed to his sisters house and confronted the burglar.  He said the masked 'man' had a gun and pointed it at him.  He opened fire without hesitation.  The kid dropped limp to onto the driveway - dead.

When the cops arrived they found Mr. Giuliano sitting on the grass next to the unmasked teen - sobbing.   The boy, Giuliano's adopted son, was a student at a nearby high school.  Mr. Giuliano is a fifth-grade teacher in the same town.

No charges have been filed. Regardless, the real punishment is already being meted out in Mr. Giuliano's head.  And everyone has to wonder what the hell the armed kid was doing trying to steal from his own Aunt.

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