Pope Francis To Deny Pro Abortion Catholics

Oh man here it comes.  A conservative Jesuit Cardinal taking the name of the rival Franciscan order is already a force liberal Catholics are not going to like.

The first pope from the America's.  The first pope named after St Francis. And the first guy in a long time who is said to be a stickler for the basics.  The pope that may save the church and return Catholics to their moral foundations.  Is in charge.

Remember Joe Biden being denied communion for his pro-abortion stand?  Well Pope Francis I says the communion ban will apply to all pro-abortion Catholics now, not just in a few arch-diocese but across the board.

 If enforced millions of liberals in the Democrat party will feel that sting and find themselves finally outside their church. Liberals Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, Chris Dodd, Dickie Durbin, John Kerry, and Patty Murray should be fully excommunicated for their insidious stand on abortion.

Add to that the deeply Catholic Hispanics who have been getting a mixed message on church doctrine.  Will this pope force them out of the Democratic party?  The party built on abortion and attacking freedom of religion?

San Francisco is also named for St Francis.  Pope Francis is laying down the law on homosexuality too.  Not long ago the Cardinal Bergoglio said same-sex marriage is 'A Machination of the Father of Lies.'

In the past Pope's have not been proactive enforcing the moral tenets of the church. By not standing up for their beliefs in the face of secular pressure Catholics have proven to be sissies. Most non Catholics view the church of St. Peter as an elephant of hypocrisy and abuse.

But that may be changing. The new pope was elected to clean up the place. A church mired in corruption, pedophilia, and decaying moral fortitude.  You know all the things Democrats stand for.

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