Obama Not Mormon, Catholic or Jew

Left-wing seculars view religion the way Marx did, as an 'opiate' for the masses.

Once upon-a-president a Catholic got into the white house.  John Kennedy was not only Irish he was also a Catholic, not particularly devout, but still a Democrat so that was allowed.

But let's not get crazy, it's one thing for Mormon Reid to be Senate majority leader, and Obama to zap religious freedom over birth control pills.   But another thing entirely when a Pope insists Catholics adhere to their 2000 year old code on morality.

Where are all the Mormons anyway?  And how about those pesky Catholics, Protestants, and Jews?  The US Census mapped religion on this color coded graphic.

According to Obama though, the U.S. is not a Christian nation.  If that's true then why are Catholics voting him into office time after time?

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