Oral Sex Cures Morning Sickness

Well, forget homeopathy or home-spun remedies.

Pregnant women know all too well the nausea and vomiting each morning induced by a food-blender of hormones racing around the body like plague. Morning sickness - is there any real way to avoid it?

Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at SUNY-Albany, theorizes the sperm that started the ball rolling is reacted to as a foreign body by the female. The rejection factor is behind the gut-twisting, headaches, and food cravings says Gallup.

The cure lies in ingesting MORE of the gooey stuff. The first, best way to get that done is oral sex. Lots of it. As much as he can rally and she can stand. The sperm will reduce preeclampsia, a condition in pregnant women that leads to higher blood pressure and deposits of elevated protein in the urine.

The 'cure' in this case is good news for some, hard work for others, but it's all worth it - dammit!

Bonus health news: while the guys are helping their pregnant wives with their morning sickness they can do a home-visual-test for prostate cancer.

Men with short ring fingers have a better chance of avoiding and/or surviving prostate cancer. Prostate cancer victims did better with an anti-tumor drug if their ring finger was shorter than the index finger. So guys hold up your left hand, squint your eye a bit, and put the finger second from the pinkie in one eye, and the finger next to the thumb in the other and start freaking out.

Most will have a longer ring fingers because they are the guys with knuckle-dragging levels of testosterone - the hormone that contributes most to prostate cancer risk.

Since you are asking, the answer is no. Men cannot reduce prostate cancer risk by helping their wives deal with morning sickness. The men will just have to sacrifice without reward...

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