Monster Mosquitoes Moving Toward Miami

No one gets out alive.  So when killer drug resistant bacteria hits hospitals we wince.  When N. Korea cries nuke wolf we worry.  And when a chunk of space rock slams into Siberia some set-up subterranean shelters.

So what will Miami do when mosquitos the size of golf balls start landing on porch screens this spring?

Entomologist Phil Kaufman says a species of blood-suckers 20 times bigger than the ferocious Asian tiger mosquitoe with a reputation for being 'notoriously aggressive' are hatching all over Florida.

Psorophora ciliata, or Gallinipper can't be stopped. The size and stamina of the hoary blood eaters devour repellants, clothing, even netting. These things are big enough to feed both on humans and flowers, like a bee.

Why the big threat now? Heavy 100-year wet weather on the east coast this year.  Pity Florida but don't feel too safe.  San Francisco is inside N. Korea's missile range.