Pierced Father Frightens Infant Daughter

Marcus Boykin adds a fresh tattoo and piercing daily.

The fanatic is on display at the Venice Beach Freakshow where other mutilated idiots join him disgusting the public parading bodies that no longer resemble human beings.

Boykin's obsession is so complete he is able to ignore the fear and fright he instills in his own five-year-old daughter, Mia. Mia's mom had had enough sometime after the first few nails and left him.

'Without feeling the needle feels like I'm losing my purpose in life,' Boykin admits. Psst, Marcus masochism is a sickness not a skill.

Marcus seems content scaring people. His son from another mother somehow seems immune though. So, the punctured papa will keep poking 'till he runs out of skin, no doubt.

Go ahead, stare.  Next time you go for your flu shot think of the pincushion buy and quit whimpering you little baby.  The only sex this guy can get now is from a porcupine but that's likely what he wants anyway.

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