Florida Felons Not For Fainthearted

Florida is about golf, sun, boats, fishing, Cubans, gays, golf, and hurricanes.

But along with paradise comes pariah. And Florida boasts some of the most tawdry characters in the world - from killers to child molesters to combinations of both.

Take a look at a few from police files just released. Here is a cache of repeat offenders who've been booked several times over several years doing several things not all at once.

Donald Wait, top, lost his hair as he aged and tattooed his entire head over seven mugshot series, dating back to 2002. The 66-year-old picked up again for drinking.

Below Don is Roger Whitt, 59 who began as a regular guy and by the ninth mug shot woke up with this 'superman' disguise that apparently wasn't enough to keep the cops from cuffing him.

There are other gems in the collection.  All showing the same progression in the pit of perdition. Maybe it's the mosquitoes in Florida?