Gangsta Vodka Outrages San Diego

The arrival of a vodka named for gangbanger central is pissing off San Diegoans.

San Diego has an embedded and fierce gang infestation. Likely the most feared and dangerous among them is MS13 which was born in the south east end of town.

'Southeast Red'  has arrived on ghetto shelves as the high-octane intoxicant of choice. Even at $20 a bottle the venomous vodka is flying out liquor store doors. And to make sure the customer has the right booze, the product's label is adorned with a map of the areas gangs control.

Resident Mario Lewis isn't happy criticizing the idea as 'disgraceful' to 'portray a community in gang-banging terms'. Bishop George D. McKinney says 'This I believe is negative notoriety. I fear this vodka ... will target people who are already struggling with so many problems.'

San Diego has become gang killing central. Even besting records mounting in Chicago and Detroit. No wonder residents are upset. But don't blame the hooch, blame the hooch makers feeding flames down in gangland and making a buck to boot.

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