Gay Guys Dye Poodle Pink Get Attacked

Drawing attention to yourself in public is a foolish praxis.

And what better way to scream 'hey look at me' than to take a walk hand in hand with your gay lover and your newly deep-dyed pink poodle in tow?

Twenty-two-year-old George Mason was arrested for attacking David Beltier and boyfriend, Jeremy Mark.

'You know, we're just walking our dog, we're trying to have a good time, we're just enjoying the fact that we dyed our poodle pink,' whined David.

Suddenly some guy in an SUV pulled up next them yelling homophobic slurs and dissing their dog. 'He was saying, "Your poodle is a weird color and that's just un-American" and "fuck you, you fuckers" and shouting,' Mark puffed.

Next suspect George got out of his car whacked Dave upside the head. Ooops.

'It just really hurts to know people are out there still like that,' David said. 'Who cares if my dog is pink. It's not their dog. So leave me alone.'

The Angle agrees. George is an asshole with anger issues and deserves to be sitting in jail charged with assault and hating pink poodle crimes. Could this have happened if the dog were dyed blue and the two men weren't holding hands? Maybe.

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