Nancy Pelosi Still Queen Clown Of The House

Nancy Pelosi is an example of  ignorance, delusion, power-crazy and egotism rising in equal proportions in the head of an imbecile.

What has Nancy sputtered now?  “I think he [Obama] should [declare the debt ceiling unconstitutional]...I’m in a different branch of government...What do I know about what the president’s going to do?” the old woman blurted at a press conference.

Without deference to the separation of powers, Pelosi is asking Obama to overtake the function and duty of the House of Representatives. The body in government that has responsibility for budgets and spending.

Remember, the Queen Clown Of The Left was instrumental in crafting and shoving the unconstitutional Obamacare mess down the public's throat.

How could such a lame, ill-informed, brandishing screwball get so high up in the government food-chain? It's a testament to the inept California voters in San Francisco. Heck, the loonie-tunes-city-by-the-bay is even naming a street in Golden Gate Park after the gonzo grandma.

Nancy Pelosi may not be Speaker of the House, but she remains an incontinent threat to the basic fabric and foundation of the country. Nancy is a 'loose cannon' on the ship of state. And as long as she is in congress the chances of her and her breedettes munging up more of the nation remains a clear and present danger.