CA School Board Member A Convicted Pimp

New York and California voters are fun to watch.

Who's their daddy?  In California it's moonbeam Jerry Brown and in New York it's catastrophic Andrew Cuomo.  San Francisco has a sheriff convicted of beating his wife and in New York City Mike Bloomberg makes bozo the clown look like Albert Einstein.

Chief among the notable fails in both states are their schools. A full 80% of New York high schoolers are hitting the streets unable to read or write.

California is worse.  Along with record per capita student spending the state also has glaringly grim record low graduation and literacy rates.  

Who is running the schools?

Riverside school board member, 42-year-old Mike Rios was convicted of pimping, pandering and insurance fraud.  He got a fresh fourteen year prison sentence yesterday. 

Why was a pimp on the school board?  Well, California pimps are hip to how bad the schools are and apparently want in on the action.

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