Breastfeeding Professor Attacks Student Paper

At first suckle breastfeeding appears to be the theme.  Looking closer what we really have is a failure to behave professionally at work.

Students seemed excited on the first day of class: 'Sex, Gender Culture' at American University in DC.  

But professor Adrienne Pine, lecturer and mom was faced with a dilemma - take a leave day and care for her sick newborn, or bring her baby to class. Tragically the 'professor' chose to bring her sick kid to work.

As class progressed, the infant crawled around fussing on the floor. That's when Adrienne dropped her blouse and started to breastfeed while still standing at the podium continuing her lecture.

Later, student journalist wrote about the incident in the school paper. The breastfeeding was not the issue the student lamented.  The larger concern was the distraction the kid made crawling underfoot and whining.

Defensive and angry the selfish instructor published her own essay on  Ms. Pine alleged the school had a  'hostile work environment' and admonished the student newspaper for singling her out.  

What was the University's position?  'For the sake of the child and the public health of the campus community, when faced with the challenge of caring for a sick child in the case where backup childcare is not available, a faculty member should take earned leave and arrange for someone else to cover the class, not bring a sick child into the classroom,' spokeswoman Camille Lepre reminded.

The University is correct.  Adrienne should be fired so she can spend more quality time with her kid - AT HOME!

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