Feminists Say Seize 'Erotic Capital'

Has the so-called 'liberation' of women simply become just another light version of pimping and whoring at work?

A Cal Berkeley study conducted by Dr. Laura Kray apparently bears out the sanguine suspicion that flashing leg and cracking cleavage give women a work-place edge.

Dr Kray had students watch a fictitious car deal played out in alternate ways.  First, 'Sue, shakes hands with the seller, smiles, and says, "It's a pleasure to meet you," and quickly asks 'What's your best price?' in a serious tone...'

Then the coeds watched Sue switch gears, 'Sue greets the seller smiling warmly, looks the seller up and down, touches the seller's arm, and says, "You're even more charming than over email," followed by a playful wink and asking, "What's your best price?"'

The male car sellers panned serious Sue, but gave 'playful Sue' a $100 off the selling price. Women though were not affected by 'playful Sue.'

Conclusion?  When women act like men they exert no special influence, but when women sing the song of the siren they manipulate men, rankle women and win.

Alas the punch line. Dr. Kray says flirting is not unprofessional 'if it remains playful and friendly.'

What a load of hogwash Dr. Kray.  Once again we have grand hypocrisy spilling out of the sisterhood.  Feminists claimed equality to be their holy grail but in the end it's still about tits and grins, right Dr. Kray?