Chicago 9-Year Old Already Career Criminal

Chicago is the center of hell.  Obama, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod and the now imprisoned Rod Blagojevich are the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.  And residence of the corrupt city by Lake Michigan are doomed just as they are in Detroit, Oakland, St Louis and Memphis.

So is it a surprise to find a black 9-year-old armed robber riding around in a carjacked BMW with three other black teenagers 14, 15, and 17?    The kid is being turned over to social welfare rather than cooling his heels in a jail cell.

That may be fair, but this kid and his pals also robbed a 12-year-old of his cell phone on their way to the their armed robbery of a McDonalds.  Pawning this kid off to a foster home now will ensure getting him back in ten years for a twenty year stretch at Big Muddy River Corrections.

Did you think the Capone era was bad?  The city is symbolic of the miserable, dysfunctional, dangerous, disgraceful and utterly out of control culture brewing under the secular social Democrats.  And guess who leads the pack?  Read the first sentence again.

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