Black Philly Mayor Goes After Whites

Philadelphia has 1.5 million people, 45% black, 40% white. And a black mayor ready to zap the minority white population for daring to complain about their black bigoted neighbors.

Mayor Michael Nutter launched an 'investigation' into an article published in the Philadelphia Magazine entitled 'Being White in Philly.'

Charging the article's tone as 'disgusting,' Nutter sicked his Human Relations Commission to witch-hunt the articles author and those he interviewed.

'My first instinct upon reading “White in Philly” was to slam my head against my desk. My second was to fire off a takedown explaining why it was racist and terrible,' black journalist Jamilah Lemieux counter-attacks in Ebony.

Author/reporter Robert Huber's was motivated over his concern for the safety of his son, who attends Temple University and rents an apartment with two roommates in a 'bad' part of town near the school. The full article makes the case regarding tense and strained relations between whites and blacks.

Huber documents meeting a Russian named 'Anna' who told him that 'blacks use skin color as an excuse,' and rather than work and pay taxes, 'they are sitting on porches smoking pot' and 'just make babies.'

Mayor Nutter unsurprisingly wants to demonize the article rather than explore whether any of it has merit. After all, blacks are the majority now so let the minority residence be damned, right Mike?

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