$7 Million 'Popcorn Lung' Payout

Frivolous or fair?  You be the judge.

Wayne Watson, 59, from Colorado, came down with lung cancer in 2007. Dr. Ceclie Rose asked him if he ate microwave popcorn.

Shocked, Wayne said he was hooked on the stuff.

So Wayne sued the King Scoopers supermarket where he shopped and the maker of the popcorn (not named).

In the trial, his attorneys argued that supermarket and popcorn maker needed to put warning labels on the product so sloths like Wayne can be steered to other snack foods and not the one that he thinks gave him his lung cancer.

Countering his claim, lawyers for King Soopers wondered if Watson's career selling carpet cleaning fluid may have led to his lung condition instead. And it turns out Wayne's popcorn quantity consumption numbers were also exaggerated.

Unfazed by the lack of scientific evidence, Wayne's hazardous occupation risks, and Wayne's quantity misstatements the jury found in favor of the popcorn addict and handed him a cool $7.2 Million bucks.

Where did Dr. Ceclie get her learned perspective on the subject? In 2007 she wrote letters to the to the federal government detailing this case and is apparently now a crusader on the subject. But is there any science to back her ideas? No. Has the FDA, OSHA or CDC put out a warning on popcorn lung cancer? No.

What else ya got Ceclie?

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