Silent Sex Is A Menace To Marriage

The University of Leeds and sex toy retailer Lovehoney in Britain have come to the same sullied sexual denouement.

Two-thirds of the women in the Leeds study said they intentionally made more noise to help their partner finish. The Lovehoney guys say 90% of the women in their sample claim they are louder than their male partners.

Everyone seemed to think all this noise made the sex more intense as a result.

Now the theories. One idea is that the bundle of nerves on a woman's clitoris are much larger than on a man’s penis – by extension assumed to give women bigger bundle of orgasms.

Tracey Cox, sex expert offers a different twist. 'One theory might be that since women fake it more often than men do, perhaps they feel obliged to provide "evidence" that they're enjoying themselves?'

The opportunity for double-entendre and wet-one-liners are low fruit. So the Angle will restrain.

The implications are if you want your marriage to last get loud, baby. Maybe even add some dirty talk to the repertoire. Think of it as just part of the 'job' of sex. The harder you try, the louder you get, the dirtier you talk, the...well you get the gist, right?

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