Man Screws IRS Literally

In the case of man bites dog this story should lift you while your prepare for your 2012 tax bite.

Vincent Burroughs, 40, of Fall Creek, Oregon, said IRS agent Dora Abrahamson, 38, used her position with the IRS to sexually harass and intimidate for sexual favors according to his lawsuit. Good one Vince, you owe and she FORCES you to blow?

Burroughs initially resisted Abrahamson’s attempt to solicit him for sex until she told him that she could either impose no tax penalty or a 4% penalty.

Wow. Let's more taxes or have sex with you?  Hmmm.. okay, I'll take door 'B.'

If true this lady is in deep doodoo. Extorting taxpayers isn't really necessary. None of us can resist the infinite resources and blindness of faceless civil servants extracting their wasted pound of flesh from each of us anyway.

But Dora had a badge and a mission-position in mind. After all, Obama's gotta lot of spend'n to do remember.  The Angle thinks the IRS has the right idea hiring as many female agents as possible.

Dora allegedly flirted with Vince the first time she called to warn him of the audit. Vince says she texted him with pictures of her in her underwear. At first he ignored but then caved when Dora showed up at his door dressed like Mexican border hooker and making extortion threats. He nailed her that day.

A clear case of the government not only going after your checkbook, but the shirt off your back - literally.