Asian Tiger Mosquito Rips USA

The Asian Tiger Mosquito is a daytime hunter.

The pest does not need marsh or open water to breed; can use water inside a tire, or a dish hatching every 7-days.

The appearance of the species has been traced to 1985, when a ship arrived in Texas loaded with used truck tires likely from Japan.

The Asian Tiger Mosquito is more vicious and harder to kill than native mosquitoes. It also prefers large cities over rural or marshy areas—thus earning the nickname among entomologists as "the urban mosquito."

The Asian Tiger was responsible for transmitting more than 200 cases of Dengue Fever, a sometimes-fatal viral infection, in Hawaii in 2001-02.

The Tiger is a low-flying mosquito, so keep ankles and legs covered. The predator is a visual hunter, so dark clothing is a magnet.  The blood take is also triple other mosquito species - and injects an allergic saliva to boot.

The record rains this winter have brought the Tiger in three-months earlier, and is expected to hang around months longer than normal.

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