Kid Gulps 42 Fridge Magnets In 42 Seconds

An unnamed Russian mommy left her 16-month old in the kitchen for less than five minutes, but that's all it took.

When she got back she went спятивший (Russian for crazy).  The toddler swallowed nearly nearly 50 magnetized chotskies covering her refrigerator in as few seconds time.

The manic-stricken mom piled the kid into the Lada Granta and got her to a local clinic.  The x-ray lit up like a slot in a Vegas casino.

The little magnetron needed specialists.  In short order surgeons at Chelyabinsk Oblast Children's Hospital were plucking the novelties from the kid's gut.

Chief pediatric surgeon Nikolay Rostovtsev said he had never seen anything like 42 magnets in a colon before, the prior record was 20.

Sounds like the Russians should stay away from magnetized fridge festoons.  And build moats around their refrigerators.