Coronary Burger Battles Broaden

There are two ways to go when one day you wake up with flabanus maximus (fat ass).  Get on a serious diet and lose the lard or defy sage advise and become a regular customer at the Heart Attack Grill.

John Alleman took the lower road crawling onto a Las Vegas morgue slab with enough cheeseburger clogging his arteries to fell a sub-Saharan Elephant.  John was a non believer.

Are the eateries to blame?  You know, shoot the thousand calorie burger messengers?  No.  Alleman killed himself, in fact, he became such a regular at the Heart Attack Grill the company named a line of clothing after him.

But there is a troubling trend among food vendors catering to the calorie crazies.  The burger at Heart Attack Grill favored by John Alleman's was called the Quadruple Bypass Burger - a 2-pound pile of plumpish puerile beefburger pocked in charred fat-bumps.

Now Jake's Wayback Burger in Watertown, New York has made the 2,000 calorie 6-pound Triple-Triple a regular menu item.  John won't be in for that one.

 The burger race is on just in time for the national obesity epidemic - oh joy.