Ann Coulter Destroys Piers Morgan

Liberal males are emasculated shells - Piers Morgan is a British version of one.  Most of them bent over to political correctness long ago. Few can articulate the arrogant incongruity in the feminized farceurs better than Ann Coulter.

Listen carefully to the video below.  Morgan patronizes Coulter and gets his boxers yanked down around his ankles.  Morgan is left sniveling, grumbling, and talking to himself at the end.

Ann is the cutting edge blowing the lid off liberal word policing.  Left-wingers practice the fascism of word-demoralization because they can't win the debate on merit.  As Ann would say 'screw them' if they can't take the heat.

Coulter is a heroine of the first order and far more intelligent than Piers Morgan.   Morgan, Chris Mathews and Bill Maher are Neanderthals compared to Ann.  Wait.  Morgan, Chris Mathews and Bill Maher are Neanderthals.