Endangered Species Windmill Wipeouts

The sky is falling, the earth is warming, the caps are melting, the seas are rising, run, run, run you fools...  The refrain from the crazies in the green fascist cults tire the senses.

Little in nature is more dangerous than a half-cocked left-wing simpleton ready to trash everything in the name of 'climate change.'

Even the idea of generating electricity using solar panels and windmills is a laugh.

While China makes jobs making windmills and solar panels to please the greenies.  Windmills are wiping out animal life in a major way across the country.  Both wind and solar cannot compete without heavy government subsidies and exemption from the law.  So the green goons have all of us who pay taxes indirectly paying to kill endangered species.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says over 440,000 birds are killed by wind turbines annually. Most are species protected under the Eagle Protections Act and the Migratory Bird Act.  Guess what?  Windmills are exempted from the laws.  Good thing because EACH violation can get you a stiff $250,000 fine or two years in jail or both.

“There is a pernicious double standard here,” writes Robert Bryce of the Manhattan Institute. “Over the past two decades or so, the Interior Department has brought hundreds of cases against the oil and gas industry and the electricity-generation sector for violations of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Eagle Protection Act.”

But there is one bright spot if you hate bats. Just in Pennsylvania alone more than 10,000 bats bit the blades — an average of 25 bats per turbine per year. Multiply that across the country and you get a nifty clean-out of the insect eating mammals in the range of 500,000 or so.

Hey, but we are displacing 1/10th of 1 coal plant with all the wind and solar generation. About .8% of the total power needed to run our little rundown country.

Anyone else notice the deafening silence from PETA?  PETA the pack of loons more ready to go naked in public to protect cattle than to put on their clothes for the slaughter of majestic bird life.