Woman Overdoses On Coca-Cola

But ya gotta drink 2-gallons a day.  And if your doing gallons of Coke a day you no doubt have a lot of other really serious problems too.

The luckless 30-year-old Coke addict  Natasha Harris of Invercargill, New Zealand, succumbed to tachycardia arrhythmia. In other words her heart was pounding faster than a car driven by a boozed-up blind man on a busy street.

Natasha knew she was in trouble, though. She tried to quit before but ended up with serious tremors, palpitations, mood swings, night sweats, and sometimes high-velocity vomiting like the possessed girl in the Exorcist movie.

Coke in New Zealand denies culpability. Formerly stating, 'Therefore we are disappointed that the coroner has chosen to focus on the combination of Ms. Harris’ excessive consumption of Coca-Cola, together with other health and lifestyle factors, as the probable cause of her death.'

Pouring a snot-load of sugar down your gut daily will liquify your pancreas and keep your nervous system on red-alert.  Still, Coke didn't do it, Megan did.  And she paid the ultimate price for her lack of self-control. As we all must.