Student Sues Professor For C+ Grade

Once upon a time in America people assumed that to get ahead one needed to work hard, be smart and accept success with grace. But if things didn't work out one needed to self-assess and work harder.  Not sue someone for personal failure.

But in the age of 'entitlement' and 'race card' excuse making, bullying, and going to court are the new answers to good old fashioned self-determination and effort.

Chris Dorner was a sub-par police officer fired for incompetence but he charged racism for his lack of success.  And so race-hustler Jesse Jackson wants to elevate the cop killer to folk hero status under the banner of race victim-hood.

College kids have gotten the memo too.  Lehigh University student Megan Thode got a C+  in one of her core courses.  So she got a lawyer, Dick Orloski who contends the grade scuttled her dream of becoming a licensed professional counselor.  Dick insists there exists a 'conspiracy' to force Megan out of the graduate degree program.  So Ms Thode wants $1.3 million in damages.

Oh yea, and Megan is the daughter of another professor at Lehigh.  So she pays no tuition.  Not that it matters but Megan apparently needed a 'B' to get to the next step but she didn't get the work done and so ended up with a C+.   Megan immediately leaned on daddy and issued ultimatums to the professor and lawyered-up - no doubt with daddy's okay.

So now it's up to a court to either spank Megan for being the spoiled entitlement minded brat she is, or reward her for acting-out and artificially bestow her with a grade she didn't earn.  Stay tuned.