Prostate Surgery Cuts Penis Size

The old good news bad news routine hits victims of prostate cancer.

Boston doctors say some men have complained their manhood is smaller after they got their prostate cancer 'cure.'  The men say it's affecting their sex lives and causing them to regret the type of treatment chosen.

Research in the January Journal Of Urology listed complaints from men undergoing radical prostatectomy (surgical removal of the prostate) or male hormone-blocking drugs combined with radiation therapy.

The men say Sir Spanky suffered shrinkage so severe the desire to put the armor back on has gone. And it is affecting their outlook on life.

Theories are coming up short too. Some think its due to nerve damage eroding the erection. Some suspect it may be connected to a shortened pee-tube (urethra).

The potential penis problem is causing some medical pros to question how they council patients on treatment downside. Should the surgeon warn the guy, or just play the odds on a truncated outcome later on?

Shorten your life or shorten your penis - what kind of choice is that?.