CES: Kiddie Potty With Attached iPad

Entering a fifth year of recession, mounting record debt, threats to 2nd amendment gun rights, and the still looming war in the middle east what toddler would turn up their noses at a potty with an iPad mount?

Well, the wait is over.  Ponder the iPotty pictured left.

The Las Vegas CES show is producing this years usual gaggle of gadgets.  Among them this 'drain child' from a toy company betting there is a nation of toddlers pining to iPad while pooping.

After all it's lonely work shedding the last lofty load of Gerber's dinosaur shaped pasta in a mildly seasoned broth.

Other notebook makers are hustling to get a compatible mount for their products. Oh and not to worry, the company says they include a 'splash guard' to protect the electronics while the kid is practicing and perfecting their aim.

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