Marijuana Fingered In Testicular Cancer

Reefer-heads shun bad health news falling on stoned-deaf ears. But the Angle carries no water either way.

Ganja may cause testicular cancer.  True just the boys are affected.  But lesbians may still be at risk.

The 'good' news is Cocaine offsets the risk.

Ah the classic Morton's Fork.  At first toke it appears saving a gonad or both is a simple job of loading up on crack.  But hang on sloopie.

Saving the family jewels is no joke. But doing it with Cocoa is like popping zits with an ice pick.  You may hit the blackhead, but swapping a deep puncture wound for a clogged pore is a silly swap at best.

Aside from the crushing expense of a daily coke habit, the drug damages heart, brain, lungs, bowels, kidneys, and pudenda.

So what's an addict to do?  One may choose to ignore sage admonition and pursue a life of narcissistic self-destruction or take a higher road to perdition and harken a change of behavior.

Do this wafting weed no more and suffer thru life sober like the rest of us.

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