Asteroid Apophis Wipes California Clean In 2036

Apophis made a 9 million mile pass by the Earth yesterday - close by stellar standard.

Russian scientists estimate Apophis will collide with Earth on April 13, 2036

The 1,150 ft wide Apophis will whizz through a a gravitational keyhole in 2029. The effect will alter Apophis flight path setting up the 2036 strike.

Apophis' is not a planet killer, but it will kill a series of cities along a coastline.  Hitting the planet at over 10,000 mph, the path is projected along the California coast, and possibly landing in Venezuela or Columbia.

Apophis will create a 5-mile-wide, 9000-ft.-deep "crater" in the ocean.  A long series of tsunamis of 50-500 feet would ensue, wiping out Los Angeles, San Francisco and every other small town along the coast.

Doomesday for California liberals baby.