Obama Pimps Planned Parenthood Funding

White women make up 40% of all terminated pregnancies. A full 69% of pregnancies among blacks and 54% among Hispanics are unintended.  

From 1973 through 2008, nearly 50 million legal abortions have been done in the USA. In 2012 a record number of abortions were performed at Planned Parenthood - one every 46 seconds.

Planned Parenthood receives $360 Million in Federal Aid yearly.  And lies about where the bulk of that money is spent - on abortions of course.

“I can tell you from experience that Planned Parenthood often turns a blind eye to sexual abuse and trafficking...,” former eight year employee and director Abby Johnson said.

LiveAction.org has video taped evidence of Planned Parenthood workers advocating abortions for underage girls.

Hey but abortion is a right, right?  Let's go get the guns instead.