First Class First Place To Die In Crash

Cruising at FL350, feet-up in first-class snickering at the huddled masses back in cattle.   

Boing, boing - this is your captain speaking - we are gonna crash so stick your sorry head between your legs and kiss your sweet ass goodbye!

The 170-seat Boeing 727, above, was plowed into Mexico’s Sonoran Desert on purpose. On board were crash-test dummies placed in each section of the cabin.  The guy that took the plane up got out at 2,500 feet.  He was no dummy.

Cameras outside and inside the fuselage along with the black box revealed 'where' you sit on a plane matters.

Everyone from the cockpit, first class seating, and half the cattle section from row 35 forward became one with the aluminum debris field.  

Black box recorder analyst Anne Evans advises, ‘It is safer to sit at the back of the aircraft where the flight recorder is...I would pick somewhere within a few rows of an emergency exit.’

The black box is in the back of the plane?  Why don't they tell you that when you board the thing?  Think about it, the black box needs to survive a crash to be useful, the black box is in the back of the plane, where to sit...where to sit...lemme see..okay, I wanna sit with the black box duct taped to my butt.  Next.

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