Boehner To Reid: 'Go Fuck Yourself'

Obama jumped on AF1 at o-dark-thirty last night hustling back to Hawaii.  No time to wait a day to sign the little mess Biden and McConnell cooked up.  Thank gravy for Robo-Pen.

Meantime Harry Reid gets the finger from Boehner.  Boehner and Reid got divorced a long time ago. Reid is the mongrel Nevada voters sent back to DC to raise taxes.  And Obama likee.

The Democrats are in charge baby.

The 60% of us with jobs ALL got a tax hike despite Obama tongue wagging to the contrary.  And Obamacare tax hikes are an added bonus.  Oh joy.

The CBO says this laughable deal raises the debt by an astonishing $4 Trillion.  No problem, that will get handled by massive inflation from the funny-money-printing Bernanke is doing.

The vote in November is bearing rotten fruit already. Higher taxes, more spending, less jobs, higher rich-guy stock market, future inflation, less wages, more Obama vacation time. Anyone got any questions?

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