50% Of Women Wearing Wrong Bra Size

Women are wearing the wrong bra size according to a University of Portsmouth study.

The study noted the old method was developed during the 1930s when few women had 'D' cups. Over half the women in the UK and USA are over dee cup size these days. 

Researchers found the old method leads to overestimating the back size 76% of the time and underestimating cup size 84% of the time times two.

The 'correct' method advises the overly-endowed grab a range of bra sizes and head into the fitting room ready to do battle.

Remember, the goal is to provide even and comfy support for the 'girls.'  Not crunch-press them down like the door on an air-raid shelter.

The five primary elements leading to mammary merriment :
  1. length of straps
  2. shape of under-wire
  3. back fit
  4. cup fit (there are often two remember)
  5. front band contacting breastbone
Coined the 'best fit' method. A complex but important subject completely uninteresting to men unless undoing the devices has changed radically.

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