DC: Worst Students Worst Schools

Can you guess before reading the rest of this story where the school failure and thus societal failure is most pronounced?

Washington DC bats last.  A city with extremes of wealth, power, corruption and failure.  A direct reflection of the Obama era.

Just 59% of high schoolers in the city by the Potomac finish high school.  These will be the dregs to fill government cheese programs henceforth.  A generation of dependent, uneducated, gang-banging parasites on society.

Can you blame them really?  Obama has less than 50% of college graduates finding work anyway, so why finish school?.

The best graduation rates are in Iowa, North Dakota, Texas, Nebraska, and Indiana.  The worst are in DC, Alabama, Louisiana, Oregon, Georgia, New Mexico and Nevada.

Notice a patterns here?  The big blue states have the worst schools, highest taxes, most debt.  The red states are making progress and graduating kids.

Expect no rescue from voters - they are the problem for now, not the solution.

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