Chinese Canine Cuisine Continues

The kitchen where the dog carcasses are piled ready to be butchered, skinned, diced, sliced, and cooked is pervasive in China.

Koreans had dog on the menu once; outlawed now.  Did you know about Chinese canine cuisine?

China is stuck between a brutal past and a powerful future.  So why are they still breeding and eating dogs? 

Many Chinese not only eat dog regularly but they also practice the brutal act of beating dogs to death to release the blood into the muscle before slaughtering.

But don't be too quick to judge, the USA once ate horse meat and may again given Obama's recent regulation changes.  And American Indians on reservations were often starved ruthlessly by US Government agents so the camp dogs quickly disappeared back in the day.

When food is scarce people will eat their pets. The Chinese do it, and you would too if you were competing for food in a country with nearly half the world's population crammed into your trailer park.

As China becomes wealthier, no doubt the practice will be banned, and the Chinese can join the USA getting fat on McDonald's pink-slime instead.