Woman 'Smells Sex' On Boyfriend Shoots, Kills

A Pennsylvania woman starts her trial next week for killing her boyfriend with a converted 9mm pistol.

Thirty-one-year-old Rachel Kozloff at first confessed but now says she was pushed down a flight of stairs which somehow exonerates her killing the guy.  Rachel told the cops she 'smelled sex' on the deceased, Michael Henry so killing him was the only logical conclusion.

Rachel had been seeing the sex smelly guy for just six weeks.  Doomed Mike had Rachel over at his apartment where Rachel and her 10-month old baby were visiting.  At some point Rachel did the sniff test and took action.

Police never found the alleged murder weapon but found spent 9mm shells in Henry's apartment. Investigators say Kozloff had purchased a .40-caliber handgun and a kit to convert it to 9mm.

Now Rachel is getting a pretty good smiff of the inside of a jail cell.