Crash Proof Volvo Solution To Non Problem

Volvo says the concept of a car that drives itself, parks itself, reads and follows speed limit signs, and refuses to pass a truck on a hill is about ten years away.  So what...

Oh, by the way, Volvo is not Swedish anymore, it's owned by China's Geely Group.  The tradition of Volvo wasting engineering talent on safety features hiking the price of a car to the point of bankrupcy is still intact.

Volvo’s Mr Eugensson says, ‘The car of the future will be like the farmer's horse...the farmer can steer the horse and carriage but if he falls asleep the horse will refuse to walk into a tree or off a cliff.’

The technology needed requires nearly a city block of super computers downsized to fit on the firewall behind the engine. The sensor array alone would make a NASA shuttle look like a Lego toy by comparison.

Massive modification of roads and highway signs will no doubt freak out governments worldwide. But the Swedes and others are hellbent on  'remove the human' from all operational aspect of a car.

Fine.  Still again, so what...