Stranded Fishermen Turn To Cannibalism

What would you do?

Four anglers set out across Siberia to catch the big one.  Instead, two of them ended up killing, carving and consuming the other two of them.

Alexander Abdullaev, 37, and Alexei Gradulenko, 35, spent three full months lost in the Siberian wastelands in -22f cold.

Soon after rescuing the pair the police went back out to look for the other two men.   So far just one was found hacked in such small pieces that identification is impossible.

A police spokesman says,  'Now the body parts - some human meat and part of the skull - are taken to the morgue.'

Sitting and eating crackers in a rescue helipcopter the two survivors of course are insisting their two friends were left behind in a shack and probably hacked themselves up

Remember, this is a Russian story, the translation may be ragged but the storyline is as old as man himself.

For now the two are sipping borscht as free men.  The Angle has to make an obviously rhetorical conjecture and ask:  These guys were fishermen, why not eat the fish instead?

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