Chihuahua Stomped To Death By Violent Neighbor

Richard (Dick) Henry Zeidler, 56, stomped his neighbor's Chihuahua to death without warning or mercy. The little dog shot out the neighbor's door and ran into Dick's yard, quickly mounted and mating with Dick's Yorkshire terrier.

The horrified neighbor called the cops.  The cops immediately spotted the dead Chihuahua laying on the lawn.  So Dick was arrested and charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals. In Texas they make a distinction between stomping a cow to death and stomping a small dog to death it appears.

Dick is no stranger to a jail cell. In 1994 Zeidler did a 10-year stretch for a third DUI. And in 2006 did another 20 days for strangling a 'family member' in a domestic violence beef.

The Chihuahua is undergoing a necropsy courtesy of the Houston Humane Society.

If the Chihuahua managed to dump a little load into the Yorkshire terrier the outcome will result in the birth-litter of what is known as a Chorkie (pictured).

Showing the dead Chihuahua was not possible so the next best thing is to show what the little brown bomber likely made before Dick squashed the pint-sized sperm-spreader like a cockroach on a kitchen counter.

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