Small Boobs Need Not Apply

Remember the Seinfeld where Elaine files a complaint with the city over her contention Monk's cafe was hiring hyper endowed hostesses.   Elaine confronts Monk's owner.   The waitresses are sisters, daughters of the proprietor.  The hiring was not about boobs, it was about the family gene pool.

Real life imitates art.  Barbara Mann was HR Director at Sunbury Medical Associates. Ms Mann claims she was fired for complaining about CEO David Savell’s directing her to base hiring on rack size not job skills.

If true, both Savell and Sunbury Medical have some 'splain'n to do. Investigators seem to be concentrating on Mann rather than figuring out how big is big and sending the waitresses thru TSA scanners.

And why not have boobs behind a serving tray?  Hooters has an entire business model based on the idea.  Besides wouldn't it be bad to bar bold breasted bombshells from bringing burgers?

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