Dutch Hold Steve Jobs iYacht Hostage

One of the last things Steve Jobs was working on was a giant modernistic all aluminum iMac controlled teak decked 'green' iYacht.

The 'project' was five years in the making and Jobs himself spent an inordinate amount of time making sure the French designer now trying to rip off his estate did what he wanted.

"The yacht has been impounded," lawyer Roelant Klaassen representing French designer Philippe Starck.  Phil says there are two unpaid bill totaling $9 million bucks owed to him. 

The full frieght on the 230 foot iYacht which looks scarily a lot like a modern version of Noah's ark cost well north of $130 million bucks and took over a year longer to build than Jobs lived.

And since Steve and Phil were pals during most of the effort, there was no formal contract drawn-up spelling out Phil's fee - surprise!

Will Job's three kids and widowed wife ever set foot on the sweeping teak poop deck? Or will Phil the Frenchman have the tin-can craft crushed into a million iPhones out of spite?

Stay tuned.