SF Homeless Free To Pee, Poop and Panhandle

The homeless plight is now a full-blown reality for record millions thanks to Obama's miserable economic failures.

California has the most homeless of all the states and San Francisco the most in any city.

San Francisco spends over $200 million a year on over 10,000 homeless prowling city streets.

Tom Ammiano, San Francisco Dem Assembly goon is no stranger to bringing idiotic legislation.   And now he wants to free the homeless to pee, poop and panhandle pretty much wherever they want.

The Lesbian-Gay-Bi-Trannie activist has cooked up a 'homeless bill of rights' to include:
  • Sleep anywhere they want including on sidewalks, benches, and in public toilets
  • 24 hour access to public facilities
  • City provided syringes and needles
  • Live in cars parked indefinitely on city streets
  • Dumpster dive withtout molestation by police
  • Urinate and defecate wherever they want - even on public sidewalks
  • Get cash welfare payments freeing them to buy cigs and booze with handout money
  • Unrestricted panhandling and mooning
  • When busted get 100% compensation for their junk if seized
  • Right to refuse bed, food, or shelter
  • Right to a free lawyer even if too addled to communicate with one
Ammiano even being in the assembly tells you how badly California is managed.  But the Angle digresses.  The decline of California is amusing is it not?

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