Women Poor Pickers Of Playmates

Women should hire a pro to pick their potential life-mates.  The methodology females use to select their sad-sacks is sordidly suspicious.

Match.com has an annual 'Love Geist' report which tries to guess what their customers are looking for.  The gist of the slide-set is that women shift their preferences as they get older.

The Angle has decoded the euphemistic mess Match.com has concocted.  Read theirs here, then compare to ours below.

18-24orsomes are superficial and silly.  These under-baked women want a guy that can impress their girlfriends more than meet their emotional needs.  If the guy can dance, and sports a six-pack under his farm-aid-tee-shirt he is getting access to the goodies.

25-34ish females want a guy with a Lamborghini.  These women are suckers for the 'players' pitch.  Such women are prone to bed a guy as a career move. Then get fired the next day for 'smell like sex' at the office.

35-44ers women are panicked.  They have mis-selected more than once and stand confused why they are about to pass the 'fertile' fail-safe point without a decent guy to spoon at night.  These women are doomed to even more superficial one-nighters, beer-bums, weed-wonks, and dead-ends.

45-54ores are resigned.  The men they want do not exist.  They laughably look for  unmarried, successful, mature, balanced, un-needy, healthy and undamaged men ready to settle down.  Are you serious ladies?

55-sitting life out as a single woman.  Women over 55 want a guy that makes them laugh AND ignores their widening waistlines, down-angled areolas, and hot flashes.  By now these women have taken a lifetime to fail finding a soulmate so they become picky.  In other words, they're gonna die with a house full of cats.  And end by taking more pride in an herb garden than a grandchild.

Match.com's report is a sales brochure.  The report is written to please their customers.  The Angle does not operate under such delusion or sales quotas.

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