Detroit Becomes Zombie Theme Park

Detroit is an urban wasteland filled with all thats unholy in America. 

In 1950 Detroit peaked at 1.5 million industrious souls.  Since then Detroit has become poor black and gang central. The poverty stricken, undereducated, crime-ridden, drug-taking parasites of society.

The largest urban shell in the USA spawns an entrepreneur with an idea.  Fence off the decaying city and add zombies.  Charge the public to wander the dilapidated streets filled with actors dressed as the walking dead.  A kind of apocalyptic apoplexy of awe.

Hypster Mark Siwak wants to create live-action terror theme park out of whats left of the city, but critics are pissed complaining the idea takes advantage of Detroit's plight.Take advantage of plight?  Only a left wing goon would phrase it that way.

The idea mimics Atlanta's Zombie Apocalypse, where thrill-seekers wield paint ball guns to play hide-and-seek with undead zombies in a formerly abandoned truck stop.

Is anyone really surprised? Once upon a time in America the dream was to create shining cities on a hill. Conquer poverty and disease. Today it's all about bailouts and waiting in line for a jobless check..