David Gregory Violates DC Gun Laws

Gregory Defied DC Gun Laws Deliberately Despite Police Countermand.

In a grand twist of irony slobbering liberal David Gregory 'brandished' a high-capacity AR-15 magazine on his show Meet The Press possibly violating Washington DC gun laws.

Breitbart.com quickly raised the issue with the DC cops.  First, determine whether the magazine Gregory raised on camera was authentic.  Second, if authentic was there ammunition inside.  And finally and most importantly does Gregory own an AR-15 or know the owner himself.

The extra fun part is how high the doo-doo gets on guys like Gregory.  The glass house has never been this easily shattered.

Oh.  All Davey needed to do was have it in his hand and not turn it into police.  The magazine doesn't even have to be near the gun or hold more than 10 rounds.

Hello, Mr. Davey?  Care to lecture us further on guns?

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